Sochi International Training week

Off to Russia for the first time. I hope to learn as much as I can in the next 10 days. Keep posted for updates.


2012-2013 Season Summary

This season which began in October and concluded in March 2013 has been my most intensive and successful to date. After placing second overall in the North America's Cup, I am currently ranked 37th in the world and as a result, Ireland has regained its World Cup spot for the upcoming 2013-2014 season heading into the Olympic year. This placing is tied for second overall for small nations.

I began the year with races in Park City, Utah, Calgary and Whistler, where I became familiar with my new sled, helmet and runners. As the season progressed I was able to travel to compete on European tracks for the first time and compete in the World Championships in St Moritz, Switzerland. Where I placed 31st. I also trained in Winterberg, Innsbruck and Königssee.

Returning to North America I concluded racing in Lake Placid, New York with two North Americas Cup races where I was able to place 3rd and 5th consecutively. These results allowed me to take the 2nd place over all points title for the North Americas Cup for 2012-2013.

My goal now is to work very hard in the off-season to get my push start faster. I will be living in Calgary, Alberta so that I can train on the only Ice-house ( a refrigerated warehouse with the start section of a bobsled-skeleton track ) in North America. This will help me keep focused on my speed gains from this season as well as work on different techniques for the next season.

With the support of friends, family and sponsors I hope to be able to work full time at my goal and earn Ireland a top 20 finish at the Olympic games in Sochi, Russia.

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement this past year.


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end of season ranking.PNG
NAC season points final.PNG

2012 Season Summmery & Years End

The first half of the season is over and it's been very exciting so far. From the first race in Salt Lake City to the last race in Whistler I've competed in 9 races in just over a month. I was able to finish strong in Whistler (my home track) with 2 top 10 placings in the Intercontinental Cup (9th, 7th) and 3 top 3 places in North Americas Cup (1st, 2nd, 2nd) building momentum for the second half of the season. Currently I'm taking 2 weeks off from the sliding track as the facility is closed for the holidays and then the World Cup Luge will be held in Whistler for a week. Starting January the plan is to train full time in Whistler working on some of my weaknesses in the hopes to be in the best form for the World Championships in St. Moritz Switzerland. This will be the first time this year I'll have time to try different lines, equipment, and work on my push start. After climbing up in FIBT ranking from 100th last year to 26th place in the world, I've settled at 30th and hope to stay there for the end of the season. Please stay tuned for  more updates and Photos as the season goes on and feel free to email me for anything regarding skeleton and or the season.

Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays,


Whistler bobsled

Tried my hand at being a bobsled brakeman tonight from the top at whistler. The push was a riot but it was weird not driving. I'd recommend it to everyone at least once but I'll stick to skeleton thanks.